Chongqing daughter-in-law to her husband plus beauty test loyalty cheated 1 million 400 thousand restorator

Chongqing wife to her husband tried to add beauty faithful cheated 1 million 400 thousand lead: middle-aged couples passion retreat, Chongqing woman is her husband with that beautiful friends "to tempt the faithful husband. Unexpectedly, the price of this trial was 1 million 400 thousand. Chongqing daughter-in-law to her husband plus beauty test cheated 1 million 400 thousand Chongqing morning news on November 7th, people into the middle age, how to make love fresh, became a part of Liang Lin is very distressed. Do not pay attention to dress, she was often joked with her colleagues, her husband is afraid to derail". Colleagues joke into the hearts of Liang Lin cannot untie the knot. In order to test her husband’s loyalty, she added a woman with her husband’s micro signal. Which know that this move so that the couple accidentally fall into a fraud scam two, the loss of more than 140 yuan. November 6th, the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the Yuzhong District Procuratorate, the implementation of fraud 7 suspects have been arrested for prosecution. They use the software to WeChat location change to Chongqing, Changsha and other places, to love the name of friends, chat with each other to generate trust, his friends can hack into gambling website to modify the odds, ensure not lose as bait, lured the victim to bet, the implementation of fraud. His wife’s routine in March 11th this year, Cai Zheng, who lives in a district of Yuzhong in the use of mobile phones, WeChat found a new addition to the net friend. The user’s nickname is a sweet smile, the head is a real beauty. Cai Zheng looked at each other’s circle of friends, which also has a lot of life, and found that it is really a beautiful young woman. "Sweet smile" is not out of thin air, Cai Zheng did not think that this netizen is actually his wife Liang Lin "the bureau". His wife heard a lot of rumors in the unit, worried that middle-aged people they can’t seize the gold heart of her husband, so in March 10th, she secretly with Cai Zheng’s mobile phone, search nearby people by WeChat, added a "beauty", want to test her husband. Second days after Cai Zheng found that, anyway, things online elusive, will hold a talk attitude, initiative and the other party dozen Hello chat. Sweet smile is also very talkative. The other told Cai Zheng, his name is Cheng Lili, Hangzhou, a company in Shanghai to do software, is currently on a business trip in Chongqing. A few days, two people chat began being ambiguous. Cai Zheng felt just to please the other favor, find amusement when the occasion arises, the signature is changed into "it happened". Cheng Lili saw, bluntly moved. A few days later, Cheng Lili said he had just returned to work in Shanghai, a cold. Cai Zheng kindly reminded her to take medicine on time and get well soon. However, Cai Zheng WeChat behavior from time to time, WeChat has attracted the attention of Liang Lin. At the end of March, Lin Liang while her husband was not in, look at the mobile phone in chat. Not only to find her husband in a trap, and beauty talk, suddenly fly into a rage. Husband and wife two people quarrel, but Cai Zheng still do, continue to chat with Cheng Lili. Friends of the couple to the freezing point of the routine, but soon turn. And Liang Lin had a big fight, Cai Zheng find Cheng Lili complaints, and asked about her life in Shanghai. Cheng Lili straight相关的主题文章:

Ni Ni Yang Mi actually Luhan started to wear the grandmother flower sheets! (video) ppbox

Ni Ni Yang Mi actually Luhan started to wear the grandmother flower sheets! Two days ago, the United States and the United States appear in the Ni Ni Da airport ~ simple white T jeans, also wearing a "flower" coat, embroidered flowers make whole become fashionable interesting Ni Ni T-shirt jeans from Rag & Bone Gucci from now this Knitted Garment Embroidery Flower wind super fire, which makes Barbie sister remembered before the flower is not flower, sheets, small bees small dragonfly what do the same time so what elements of fashion! It is this flower impression sheets ah! The fashion circle was "single wind", was terribly fashionable! This atmosphere must be brought by Gucci, jackets are more "flower" the better! As Yang Mi and old driver, had put the flower sheet jacket Yang Mi: big sweater is most suitable for Style is Gucci and the lower the missing star eight laps around the earth, Kylie Jenner flower jacket is men’s clothing, design Gucci men and women obscure so that the people more choice! Accidentally with Chris Riri Zhuangshan, denim jacket with the original "tacky" flowers, butterflies, become Retro Modern, have to admire the magic of your husband designer Alessandro Luhan wearing flower flowers grass and art was not a recent fire in Ground Zero, in the jacket two flower show, even super with the news! Alexander McQueen in the back and put a bunch of flowers, Yuan Shanshan wore it, with just more than the body coat, dress shirt and trousers, have all been Huahuacaocao occupied! Moschino has also fallen into a "single wind", Liu Wen put the blue green knitted sweater purple sun flower dress Olivia Zara western style full Embroidery Shirt out of the big effect, with leather suede coat retro small fresh flowers through her denim skirt, long red denim jeans without the embellishment, but some British singer Florence Welch monotone wear Gucci jeans garden back up Yang Mi two butterfly bags Kendall shoes covered with grass and the red carpet is full of flowers, the American actress Kirsten Dunst embroidered flowers skirt domineering Yang Mi in this bazaar Charity Night Flower Embroidery Dress, stunning the audience. Besides their dresses, show is a big garden! But the fairy, but the literature and art, is now popular with flowers! Alberta Ferretti 2016 winter flowers and fairy skirt with her shoes and was a Alberta Ferretti 2016 winter series not to mention Gucci, hate every piece into a flower Gucci 2016 winter series Gucci is just the end of the 2017 spring and summer series, clothes covered with bird fish insect bags also joined the gorgeous version of "embroidery quilt" Gucci 2017 spring and summer series and even the national Diane von Furstenberg also put this "single wind" to join the 2017 spring and summer series! VO Diane!相关的主题文章:

Is it a good thing or a bad thing To stop or not to stop Sohu – zhuxianduowan

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? To stop or not to stop? – a lot of mothers and babies in the Sohu 3-4 months, always like to put his finger in his mouth to suck. Mothers are very worried about this, afraid of the baby to eat fingers will develop a habit, which will affect the baby’s teeth development and pronunciation. Is it good or bad for babies to eat their fingers? Parents should not intervene? When to intervene? All of these questions can be found in the new mom training class. Why do babies eat fingers? Baby to eat finger is actually a period of desire for a normal behavior. Baby from birth to 1 – 2 years old, is to eat milk, baby "pleasure" is mainly concentrated in the oral cavity and the tongue part is through the nipple sucking action to reach the original desire to meet, this is the so-called "oral stage". Is it a good thing or a bad thing? The typical characteristics of this stage is what children are put into his mouth, love baby sucking fingers, especially when about 3 ~ 6 months, the sucking need become particularly prominent, so what will get his hands into his mouth, sucking fingers, spit mouth water, a giggle, and all of this was very happy. This phase of the baby through the mouth to contact and understand the world, is a necessary process for children to explore the world. In addition, the ultrasound examination can be found the fetus will suck his fingers in the womb, a newborn baby will suck the mother’s breast, nipple, this is the most typical performance baby "oral". At the same time, in accordance with the Italy education by Montessori theory, the "oral" is Montessori sensitive period of the theory of "the sensitive period", the first is the sensitive stage of the emergence of children. BB eat finger to stop it? A 1 year old baby to eat before, do not need to stop one hand before the age of the baby’s attention usually lasts only tens of seconds, but to eat hand this thing, it is a major event, when the baby to eat hand, hand for the attention will be relatively long, this is because the baby in hand by eating slowly explore other objects outside the mother nipple. He will slowly find, "hand" and the mother’s nipple is not the same, eat and suck the mother’s nipple to get the feeling is not the same. Studies have shown that the outside world rich feelings and stimulation, can effectively promote the growth of the baby’s cerebral cortex. Do not underestimate the baby to eat hand this simple action, it will stimulate the excitement of the cerebral cortex of a nerve. The more stimulation, the cerebral cortex will grow thicker, larger, deeper groove, the baby will be smarter. So eat hand is a milestone in the development of children’s attention, but also a leap in the development of children’s intelligence. Eat the baby is to meet the desire of the mouth of the way, forced to stop will lead to a series of adult psychological and behavioral problems. Many mothers may not believe, always feel a little gentle hand to eat, could not help but always keep kids, do not listen to the baby, the mother will be very angry, sometimes to work, this is often wrong, is forced to stop, the more easily lead to some psychological problems for adults. Two, the baby’s eating behavior needs to be corrected!相关的主题文章:

The postgraduate entrance examination economy gradually heats up the the training organizatio

Study section of the gradual warming of the economy   training institutions offering price Paul had class — public opinion Channel – days ago, with the 2017 national graduate admissions policy released once a year, "grind" drama gradually into public view. In new network reporter survey found that before the examination economy is gradually warming, the education and training institutions are facing more enrollment season, education and training institutions and even opened fees of nearly 140 thousand yuan price Paul had class". The training institutions to offer price Paul had class, claiming to be able to take the relationship with the released another year recruitment notice, prepare for the postgraduate group also began to enter the sprint stage. In order to get admitted to the ideal university, many graduate student at the cost of training classes to enroll in a multitude of names. Because the students a huge market, this time of year, the various training institutions have also targeted the postgraduate group, they not only play eye-catching advertising, also launched a series of preferential policies, such as the registration session enjoy "registration coupon" or "registration minus 2000 yuan, etc.. Daily economic news reporter noted that the price of this class is more than ten thousand yuan, mostly in the 20 thousand yuan to about $50 thousand. In addition, some education training institutions also launched a price high price "Kaoyan Paul had class, among them, headquartered in training institutions in Beijing Zhongguancun area opened nearly 140 thousand yuan tuition Paul had class". According to the training institutions Teacher Wang, Paul had class doesn’t mean that it can fully guarantee the students admitted to the ideal school, if you didn’t pass back a penny, but as long as the students had just entered the second test, no problem. Last year, we have 15 students enrolled in the insurance classes, 14 people admitted to the examination, and the remaining one through the adjustment, admitted to graduate students." The teacher Wang introduced. Wang said the registration of the insured over class students more than 90% probability of success. The reason is that on the one hand, carefully teaching, their daily institutions in addition, a big secret is that as long as the candidates passed the preliminary test retest, they can take the relationship". The entrepreneurial team specializes in PubMed data estimated the annual income of 2 million yuan can prepare PubMed, some people choose to enroll postgraduate classes, some people will choose their pro forma review, therefore, all kinds of "dense volume" material "Kaoyan information also became their eyes baby". In a university in Sichuan to prepare for the entrance examination Duran told reporters, at present she has bought a lot of graduate information, has spent at least 1000 yuan, which, on the Internet to buy a light of a university Kaoyanzhenti, spent more than 500 yuan. In fact, such as Duran and many of the deceased, the purchase of information has become a big expense of their postgraduate entrance examination, to spend thousands of dollars to buy information is very common. Daily economic news reporter noted that some of the graduate students will be their year’s pro forma notes hanging on the school forum or online sale, in addition, some entrepreneurial team is also specialized in the related business. In Nanjing, founded by several college students "Kaba senior postgraduate studio" in the local section of the small circle famous, they mainly sales of Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University School kaoyanzhenti. The worker)相关的主题文章: